Friday, May 29, 2009

Spring Cleaning #3

Update: The apartment is starting to look more like a home now. All lights, air-conditioning, switches are in order. Major spring cleaning is scheduled for next Monday, 01-JUNE-2009.


  1. Hello there,

    Admire ur enthusiast with ur house.
    Me and my wife just pay down payment for a unit at 1st floor yesterday.

    Its a very nice house but the balcony view makes me sad.

    BTW, there are certain things I not clear about this property.

    1. Is this apartment leasehold or freehold coz my agent say its a freehold but i property state it as a leasehold....

    2. whats the exact amount for maintenance??


  2. Hi Neil,

    Welcome to Indahria & thanks for stopping by!

    Haha, thanks! Its my 1st home!

    Am i correct to say that your unit is facing federal highway as well? Dont worry about it as MBSA is doing something about this. Luckily there isnt any smell from the river/drain.

    1. Freehold (this is the reason why i bought this house in the first place)

    2. Maintenance & Sinking Fund is RM160+. (Expensive for a cute little place!)

  3. bro .. nice blog ..can you please tell me where you get 3 in 1 sport light ?
    is it powerful ? :) you are renting out this unit ? how was it dealing with students ? :) thx adr


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