Friday, May 22, 2009

New Name, New Address

Guess what i found in my cute mailbox in Indahria. A notice/letter by management informing me that Pos Malaysia Bhd has given the final approved address of Pangsapuri Indahria & here is the full address now. Update!

Pangsapuri Indahria
Persiaran Jubli Perak
Seksyen 22
40300 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Haih, first the name change from Indahrisa to Indahria, now the address is also changed. Can the developer change the location to perhaps somewhere in KLCC?



  1. atcualy its good when pos malaysia change the address. last month i change all my bills address to jalan batu tiga sungai buloh.... but now they change to persiaran jubli perak... only the name "pangsapuri indahria" i dont think its a good name lah. i think indahria apartment will be better.... pangsapuri its look like flat @ dbkl lah bro. hehehe

  2. Hi Sawi,

    Thanks for dropping by! Haha.. i feel u bro! Pangsapuri sounds like flat.. if u noticed, Puri Ayu pun Pangsapuri Puri Ayu hahaha.

    The new address is shorter than the old one. Much easier to write :)

  3. meeting for resident on this sunday.... u see lah @ notice board ground floor

  4. I'm working out of town this week, wont be able to make it although i really wish to be there. Please update me on the meeting, thanks bro.


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