Monday, June 08, 2009

Night Mode

Surprisingly I have never been to my house at night, so after work today decided to visit my own house at night and take some night pictures of my house. To all home owners out there, its a great feeling isnt it? To those who are about to take the plunge, take it! Its worth it! The feeling is abso-fckn-lutely great! Haha! Equipped with a lousy camera phone but a reliable one i went. Thinking to myself, not bad eh... Heard from another resident that there was a residents meeting last Sunday. Anyone went? Would love to come but unfortunately was working during the weekend so cant make it. Yes, unfortunately i have to sometime work on weekends also.

The Balcony

The Yard (more like the dungeon)

Living Area

Master Bedroom (lights are meant to be for reading)

Master Bedroom (study & work area)
Couch Potato Zone (scouse free zone)

The Grill (overlooking living hall)

Kitchen (cabinet will be installed next week)


  1. Hi,there!

    Which floor are you? When do you plan to move in?
    I'm also a first I could understand how excited you are to receive the key. Right now, I'm in dilemma whether to stay or to rent coz actually I'm quite upset/surprised to see the size which was not what I'm expected compared to their showroom. My biggest surprise was the kitchen - the size was really, really small even the low cost flat with 2 tiny bedrooms in Cheras do have a space that suit to be called a 'kitchen'. Any comment? Hope you could reply soon. TQ

  2. Hey Az,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Yeah! Another 1st time home owner just like me :) To be honest, the 'kitchen' doesnt deserve to be called a kitchen as its just a sink with nice tiles as its wallpaper. I'm also still thinking whether to stay or rent it out. I am still dissappointed with the cheap cement that they use in front of the lifts untill your front door. Looking at the rent figures, its currently ranging from RM800 to RM1200, so i guess its not bad if i rent it out. For the time being, i'm just enjoying being a home/apartment owner :) Watch this space Az, more posts soon.

  3. Hi again,

    as for me I am quite satisfied with the house juz that i think d price of the house is sky-rocketing recently.
    Few month a go u can still c ppl selling for 160K but now all goin for 175K....even 190K....

    bought my unit from an agent for 170K, its on d 1st floor. Whats going on my mind is why Indahria dont have the same facility as Puri Aiyu coz both is under same least a card entry system....

  4. Hi again Neil,

    Do agree with you about the card entry system. As what i was told by the management, it seems that they will give a residents card with your picture on it. Not too sure about this as i have yet to give my particulars about this but the least they can do is to have an entry system for extra security.

    As for the skyrocketing price, i think thats good news! I would think those selling @ 190K should be furnished.

  5. Guys

    Do you think that the developer still have a unit availabel for sale? Thinking of buying straight from them. I fall in love with this house already. I was thinking bout Puri Aiyu but Indahria have larger balcony and near to commuter station.

  6. Hi Firdaus,

    The last time i chat with one of the sales agent for Indahria, they still had 1 unit left although i was supposed to be the last person who bought 1 unit after all the Indahria was said to be 'Sold Out'. Perhaps you could just call them up or just drop by their office. Dont suprised that the asking price is around 185K.

    Give them a buzz.. you will never know till you do, right?

    Oh, thanks for dropping by!

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