Sunday, December 06, 2009

Indahria Residents Association (IRRA)

I was just googling Indahria and i have managed to find that Indahria Apartment Resident Association has an online blog Well done to the residents! I'm very sure that this is one step closer in creating a better living community of our own. Its unfortunate that i am not living there myself but i'm glad to know that residents of Indahria has its very own residents association and also a blog! Well done! I have also included the link on this site, and on the blog there is also an email address that any residents can email with regards to anything about Indahria eg. feedbacks, complaints, etc. I would believe that all owners/tenants/residents of Indahria are welcomed to participate in all activities of this community.

Browsing through all the articles inside IRRA's blog, there is a very concerning article which was rightly named Apartment Safety ! What Say You ? A must read for all residents/owners/tenants of Indahria. A very very concerning article and i must say thank you to the folks who had the time to point this out. Now i want to know what the management going to do about it.


  1. Hi, I am one of the owners of Indahria units.

    Glad to know that the resident association has set up blog. However I am not able to access the blog as it is limited to invited users only.

    Could you let me know where I can get the contact of the person in-charge of the blog?

    Thank you very much.

    Ooi Beng Hooi
    h/p: 016-9755888

  2. Hi Beng Hooi,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Well, did manage to view the site for roughly a month before the site owner limited the access.

    I was not able to get the persons contact as well previously. There was only the email address given on the website.

    I also hope the person in charge will open it up again as theres good articles that he/she wrote.

  3. can i know yr email address please?


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