Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hi all, it has been a while since my last post. It has been an eventful past 3 months (hospitalised, shifted office, etc, etc) Just a quick update about my apartment, it has been 3 months since my tenant moved in and so far there hasnt been any issues (hopefully). I like to think that my tenant love the place and will take care of my first ever property (#001).

Referring to the title post, i am right now seriously searching for my second property which i will call #002 from now onwards. The area that i'm searching is around Shah Alam & Sunway as i believe that there are high appreciation in this areas. Surely there are other areas that have higher appreciation than these two areas, but for a newbie like me, these areas suits me just fine.

Question that comes to mind now is whether to buy a yet to be built apartment or a proven good for rental apartment. I have several ideas in mind but i have yet to sit down and really think which one shall i call #002. Till the next post...


  1. Salam,

    Kalau tak keberatan boleh saya tahu di mana awak iklankan rumah sewa awak ni? Saya ada satu unit di sana untuk diiklankan.

    TQ - Lynda

  2. Hi Mrs. Masykur,

    Saya iklankan rumah saya dalam semua jenis media & advertisement. Iklan tepi jalan, Website, Forum, Property Portal, Blog dan banyak lagi. Dah cuba iklan ke belum?

  3. Thanks for the info
    I belum dapat penyewa lagi
    Btw, U ada contoh contract menyewa x?

  4. Not a problem. Mine is hardcopy but i think u can find a lot of samples on the net. Btw, dah lama beli ke apartment ni? Why only now renting out?

  5. i jumpa byk dlm net...tgh pilih yg ok...u punya contract bond utk berapa thn ye?

    i br je beli apartment ni..mula2 beli sebab nk duduk sana, tp dh jumpa rumah lain, yg ni disewakan la..ikut plan, bulan 1 ni i nak start duduk...

  6. My contract is for 1 year but hopefully my tenant nak stay lama lagi =)

    Oh ok, start iklan cepat² coz kalau dah lama sangat nanti rugi kan? Btw, ur apartment tingkat berapa?

  7. i punya tgkt 13....i hv gud news...i dah dpt tenant.. ;) diorang masuk february ni... ;)

  8. Congrats! Now u r a landlord! Haha! Berapa dapat sewa?


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