Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Slowly but Surely

I guess its time for me to look for new projects and new development. A lot of good developments around in Shah Alam coming up.. As we all know, currently we are experiencing some sort of an economic downturn but the property market is still flourishing in Malaysia and to anyones surprise, people are still buying new properties. Just have a look on your daily newspapers! Theres tonnes of new housing development and all are offering affordable packages and people are still buying. Economic downturn? Theres something for everyone! You just have to look carefully. Indahria will be coded (#001) from now onwards for my future reference. Hopefully by the end of year i can add up a new property (#002) to my listing.

Moving forward, everything is looking pretty good. The tenancy agreement is all completed and will be given to my tenant to be signed. Didnt even manage to become a resident of my own home but i believed i made the right decision by renting my place out. My passive income column is growing, slowly but surely.


  1. yes, property is an instrument to be rich slowly but surely.

  2. Thanks for dropping by rohaniah noor! Big fan of your blog! :)

  3. welcome.. hank you for sharing me this informative blog.
    looks like you love your house very much.
    you have the passion to be one of the next property millionaire..along with me..hehehe

  4. Haha.. may our wishes come true! It always starts with a dream right? Indeed, i really love my house, but its time to move on now. To the next project... i'm going to SACC tomorrow but i believe you have already done so!

  5. wow.. one more registrant for crystal heights/ view


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