Friday, June 03, 2011

Tenant Drama #1

Its been a while since i last post anything on this blog. Well, life has been good to me and my family. By the way, attached below are some serious artwork from my previous tenant. Didnt realised that my tenant was Picasso? ;) Fucking Hell!


  1. Since the apartment got so many problems posted by you. Do you think is worth to buy this kind of propety? As the land is not stable.

    Please feedback to me asap.


    1. Thanks for dropping in Kelly!

      My suggestion for you is that it depends why you want to buy this property? to stay or to rent out? The appreciation of rental income is not bad considering the many issues e.g. land, cracks, etc its facing.

      Knowing why you want to buy this property is very crucial. By the way, i have 2 units here and the rental is pretty strong ;)


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