Saturday, April 03, 2010

1 Year Review

It has been a year since i received the keys to Indahria and it has been a joyful ride being a home owner, well an apartment owner. Less postings to the blog now as i am awfully busy with work. Hehe. Everyone is! With regards to #002 (my second investment apartment), its on the way. More updates on #002 very soon. Now its in the bank loan application part. I believe there shouldnt be any problems there.

There was also the Joint Management Body Meeting @ Indahria on 28th March 2010 which i wasnt able to attend to. Any owners/tenants went to the JMB? This should be a good way to meet and communicate with everyone.

I have also managed to pursuade a friend to get a unit @ Indahria and he has also bought it and received a bonus (tenant ready). More stories soon.

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  1. Hi. Any idea bout the strata title for this apartment? I'm in the mid buying the house and will sign the SnP this Friday.


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